Copy Content Library to Multiple Class Notebooks

Distribute Content Library to Other Notebooks

Made an awesome class notebook and want use the content and your architecture in another class notebook?

Well, Microsoft makes that pretty easy. Use the directions below to copy and distribute a content library (or sections within) to other class notebooks.



Distribute Class Notebook Content Library

Share the entire Content Library of one notebook to another. For example: It’s the beginning of the quarter, and you want to populate your new Algebra 1 notebook with the same material from last quarter’s class. Or, you can keep a master Class Notebook and distribute its Content Library each time you’re preparing to teach the same course again.

  1. Open OneNote desktop, then select the Class Notebook tab.
  2. Select the Content Library you’d like to distribute.
  3. Select Distribute Content Library. (For Mac: Copy to Content Library.) Use the checkboxes to select the sections of your Content Library you’d like to distribute.
    Icons in the Class Notebook tab including Distribute Page, Distribute New Section, and Distribute Content Library.
  4. Learn more

    Select the notebook(s) you are sharing to, then select Copy. It may take a moment for distribution to finish.
    Distribute Content Library pane with a list of Content Library sections and a list of Class Notebooks as destinations. Buttons to select Copy or Cancel.

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