GradeCam App: Mobile Grading


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Have you ever wanted to grade an exit ticket before your students even leave your classroom? Or allow students to revise their work before they turn in an assignment? Imagine walking around your classroom with smartphone in hand grading assignments as students are diligently working away.
The app works the same way as it would without the need for a computer and document camera for scanning assessments. Some teachers report that the app is much faster! In order to transfer grades to your online gradebook, you will need to go back to your computer since the F8 button is not available on a phone or tablet. The app is a great way to score assessments without being tied to your work station, get in those extra steps and grade on the go!

Here is an example of Exit Ticket Data in a Snap from the GradeCam blog where teachers use laminated forms and Expo markers.

Download the app on iTunes or Google Play


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