DyKnow Basics – Create a Class

DyKnow allows users to create manual classes that can be monitored using the software. This could be useful for groups meeting outside of normal classtime, or in unique groups like clubs, testing, or after school support. After creating a new custom class, users can then manually add teachers and students who should be listed on the roster and in the settings.

First, from the “My Classes” dashboard, click on “Create New Class” from the right side of the page, above any current classes that you have.

Enter the class name, select school, and include start and end date. Users can also include period and grade level information, which is optional. When all information is entered, click “Save” in the upper right corner.

Users will now see the newly created class in their class tiles. To edit the class information, and add or remove teachers and students, click on “Edit”. Links here contain information on editing Teachers or Students in a class.

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