Canvas Submission Comments

You are likely commenting on student work and they might be writing comments back to you. You can find these comments in several places, but here are some of the ways to ensure that you are being notified of submission comments and how to quickly find them.

Setting Notifications

First, you might ensure that you have set your Canvas notifications to email you when submission comments are made. You might choose to be notified immediately or perhaps as a daily summary.

To find the notification options, you will navigate to your account, notifications and it is one of the last options in “Course Activities.”

Inbox Submission Comments

If you don’t want the notifications enabled and emailed to you, you might choose to find submission comments right in your Canvas Inbox.

When in the Canvas Inbox, you can sort through message types and select “Submission Comments.” This will then filter and show only comments that were made in submissions, helping you continue to provide feedback to students and answer assignment-specific questions they may have put in the assignment comments.

This tip was brought to you by Mindy Simonds (Maywood Middle School). If you have tips to share about Canvas, make sure to share them with us and we can add them here.

As always, if you need support with using Canvas or other Ed Tech tools, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA or Ed Tech Lead.

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