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As a classroom teacher, you are likely using some of the same comments over and over to encourage your students to become better writers, thinkers, problem-solvers, and more. One of the features Canvas Speedgrader offers is the ability to create a comment library.

To create your comment library, you can start in Speedgrader. On the right sidebar, you are going to look above the comment writing box for the comment icon. Click this open to create your comment library.

Once you have clicked the comment icon, you will have the ability to create comments in your comment library and if you choose to turn on the option for “Show suggestions when typing.” Selecting this option will automatically search your comment library and offer suggestions rather than opening it each time!

Add comments by typing them into the comment library and clicking +Add to Library. When providing feedback to students it is helpful to be specific and provide concrete ways they can improve or how they did well.

Finally, once you have added your comments to the library, you can access them in speedgrader by clicking open the comment library with the comment icon or if you selected the show suggestions by starting to type into the comment box and then selecting the comment as it appears. Remember, you have to click SUBMIT in order for the comment to be added to the assignment feedback.

For more on using the comment library, check out the Canvas Guide “How do I use the comment library in Speedgrader?”

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