Canvas Missing Assignment Auto-Scoring

We are enjoying hearing about the tips and tricks you are learning as you continue to build your Canvas knowledge base. This tip is for how to make your grade book do the work for you while still communicating missing and/or late policies.

To better support students and observers, having assignments marked missing or late is ideal. While this will automatically be applied with Online Assignment submission types, teachers have to add the status to On Paper or External Tool assignment types.

By setting the missing assignments gradebook Late Policy you can easily mark assignments missing and they will inherit the missing status grade (this also applies for Late assignments once the hour/day qualifier is met).

For example, you have an “On Paper” assignment and your missing policy is 50% score for missing work. Instead of entering a score and entering a missing status, you can easily mark the assignment missing and it will automatically apply the appropriate score. 


Watch how by using the Missing status, the 0% policy is automatically input.

How this supports you

This makes entering statuses much easier if it is applying a score for you.

How this supports students

Having a status indication for external tool and paper assignments offers another form of communication to support students with managing missing assignments.

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