DyKnow Basics – Adding and Removing Teachers

DyKnow allows users to add and remove “Teachers” from courses manually. This is helpful if users want to add a co-teacher to their course, for monitoring access. This could be in situations where you have an administrator, substitute or para, who need access to your class for monitoring and accessing class data.

Adding someone as a teacher to your course gives them access to that class through their own account, they will be able to start and end monitoring sessions, change allow/block plans, and view class data.

To add or remove a teacher from one of your courses, navigate to the “My Classes” page, and click on the “edit” hyperlink for the class you would like to edit.

Scroll down to where the “Teachers” section begins and click “Add Teacher”.

Type in the full name of the staff member you would like to add, wait a moment for the name to populate from DyKnow and click the name. Remember to type in their full name, and not a nickname.

You will then see the additional staff member’s name listed as a teacher in your course. To remove the staff member, click edit, and go to the teacher section again, and then click the red “x” to the right of their name, and then save in the upper right.

Interested in more DyKnow tips and tools? Click on the image below.

Get more tool bits about DyKnow by clicking here

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