New K-2 Lessons from Common Sense Education! 

Common Sense Education just launched new K-2 lessons on digital citizenship! Each of these lessons introduces one of the digital citizenship characters (head, heart, arms, guts, legs, and feet) with a short, engaging video-based lesson and reflection activity. The 15-minute lessons are a perfect way to integrate these important concepts into your classroom in a way that students will remember, and with characters that you can refer back to. Each lesson also comes with optional tips for caregivers that you could choose to send home. All materials are linked online (see example below) in both English and Spanish. 

Topics covered in these lessons are:  

  • Exploring your Interests Online (head) 
  • Being Kind Online (heart) 
  • Balancing Online and Offline Activities (arms) 
  • Online Safety (guts) 
  • Standing Up for People (legs) 
  • When to Share Online (feet) 

To read more about digital citizenship, click here!

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