DyKnow Basics – Editing a Class Name

DyKnow allows you to edit the default class name for each of your classes. Sometimes the course code, which is the default from Skyward, is not the easiest to read from the list. Staff can manually change names of classes to more user friend names that include course content, class period, or group as examples. (Biology, 2nd Period, 4th Period, After School Help, etc.)

To edit the class name, navigate to your “My Classes” page. Go to the tile of the class you would like to edit, and clik on “edit” below the current name.

On the next screen, under class name on the left, you can edit the class name, and then click “Save” in the upper right of your screen.

You will then see the updated name on your “My Classes” page. You can only edit names of courses that you are the primary teacher listed. If you are a co-teacher for that class, or added manually by another staff member, you will not be able to edit the course name.

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