Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with Seesaw

It’s time to celebrate Computer Science Education, and it’s even better when we have core tools to do so! Seesaw is offering several live webinars for classrooms to tune into this week (see below) as well as extensive collections of computer science related activities.

Explore Computer Science Collections and Resources

Seesaw has ready-made lessons and units for students to engage with computer science topics! Explore activities focused on coding, computational thinking, and digital citizenship organized by both sub-topic and grade level. Each activity is standards-based and activities are sequenced so you can delve in as deep as you would like.

Click here to view the Computer Science activities. You will need to be logged into Seesaw in order to access them.

Virtual Student Events: Hear from People Who Work in Computer Science

Want to tune into a live event? Simply register at the links below, and project the live event to your class. You can ask questions in the chat throughout the event! A Seesaw reflection activity will be provided that you can assign to your students after they view the event. The sessions will be recorded if you aren’t able to tune in live, but still want your students to have the experience.

Find out more about Seesaw’s Computer Science Events here!

For other ideas for participating in the Hour of Code, see our previous Hour of Code blog post, which highlights how other core tools (BrainPOP and Code.org) might be leveraged to support computational thinking.

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