Canvas Apply Score to Ungraded 

Have you wondered about how you can quickly address ungraded assignments in your gradebook? This tip showcases how to apply 0 (or another score) throughout a grade book in just a couple of clicks.

The Apply Score to Ungraded Assignments feature allows scores to be applied to multiple ungraded submissions at once (similar to set default score which can only be done by assignment). This change allows instructors to apply scores to ungraded submissions en masse from an assignment group and Total column menus in the Gradebook. 

  • Navigate to your course grade book
  • Find your grade “Total” column
  • Choose “Apply Score to Ungraded”

Once selected, you have several options on how you’d like to apply a score to the ungraded artifacts including, setting a percent grade, choosing if you want the missing status to be applied, and which artifacts this score should apply to.

For full details about this feature option, please see Feature Option Overview: Apply Score to Ungraded Assignments. You can contact your Ed Tech Lead or Tech TOSA for more support as well.

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