DyKnow Communication – Send a Message

DyKnow Communication

DyKnow allows teachers to communicate with students while in active monitoring session in 3 ways:

  • Student Understanding
  • Questions
  • Send a Message

All of these tools are available on the right side of the DyKnow monitoring screen. This post will review how to use the Send a Message communication tool.

Send a Message

In the Send a Message section (the bell icon on the right panel), teachers can send messages to individuals, groups, or to the entire class. Students cannot reply to the message as communication is only one way from teacher to students.

Teachers can also send a message to students when monitoring an individual student with the screen expanded in the large view. Click on “Send a Message” and then create the message and select students to receive.

Teachers can also lock student laptops when sending a message. Choose the “Yes” option in the device section of the compose message box. The screen will lock while they read the message and confirm viewing the message, before it unlocks.

If sending a link in the message, the link will automatically launch for students and take them to the link.

Interested in more DyKnow Tool Bits? Click on the image below.

Get more tool bits about DyKnow by clicking here

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