Canvas Message Students Who – and Observers! 

As we transitioned to the Canvas Gradebook, one feature that many teachers missed was the ability to message both students and parents/observers. Canvas was listening and now when you choose to “message students who” (have a missing assignment, low score, etc.) you can include the observers!  

  • Navigate to Grades 
  • Choose an assignment 
  • Select the 3 dots and “Message Student Who”
  • Choose the appropriate reason for the message 
  • Make sure to select observers in addition to students 

How this supports you

You can now easily message students and parents from Canvas with your most up-to-date gradebook. It will help make your workflow a little easier.

How this supports students & observers

We can continue to meet students where they are throughout the day with Canvas messaging and support parents with building their use of Canvas as well.

Do you have any Canvas tips you’d like to share? Make sure to send them to your Ed Tech Lead and Tech TOSA!

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