DyKnow New Features – Combine Classes

Recently, the DyKnow classroom monitoring program has added a couple of helpful features. Today we will learn how to combine classes.

Combine Classes

From the My Classes view, you now have a new button in the upper right corner where it says, “Combine Classes”. You can combine any number of classes into one combined class temporarily, and monitor them together.

To combine classes, first click on the “combine classes” button in the upper right of your screen.

Then, on the next screen, edit the new class to give it a name, select the classes that you would like to combine and then click save.

The class will then appear on your dashboard like any of your classes. You will know it is a combined class, with the yellow star notation. You will then be able to launch and monitor the class like any of your classes.

Change your mind and do not need the classes combined? Click on the “edit” hyperlink for the combined class, and then click the red “Uncombine Class” option. The classes will then be separate on your dashboard again.

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