Canvas Setting an Assignment Default Score 

Did you collect an assignment on paper and just need to quickly add a score for all students? Or maybe you want to add a score for students who have not submitted? You have the option, by assignment, to add a default score. 

  • Open Grades for your course 
  • Find the assignment you want to score 
  • Using the 3 dots next to the assignment, select “Set Default Grade” 
  • Then enter the score. This also works if you need to reset the grade to ungraded, which is a dash (-). You can choose to overwrite the already-entered grades as well or skip those. 

How this supports you

It makes grading a little faster! One tip is to enter scores that are not going to be a part of the default grade and then keep the overwrite option unchecked.

For more help on using this feature, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Tech TOSA.

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