Canvas – Setting Course Default Time

We are creating a series of posts as a part of the “All the Canvas tips you never knew you needed!” We will share a weekly tip until we run out of them. If you have ideas you would like to share, please feel free to pass them to your Ed Tech Lead or Tech TOSA and we can highlight them here as well.

Setting Course Assignment Default Time

Canvas courses currently have the assignment due date time defaulted to 11:59 pm. If you would like to make yours a more school-friendly time, here are the directions on completing this. 

  • Open your course
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Under “Course Details” scroll to “Default due time”
  • You can then change the time to something that better reflects your practice, such as the end of the school day.
  • Make sure to “Update Course Details.”
  • Repeat for other courses as needed.  

Note: If you are importing course settings for future courses, this setting should stick as part of copying settings.

How this supports you

Adding a preferred default time can make it more convenient when creating new assignments by not having to adjust the due date time as often

How this supports students

Having due date times that are not all at 11:59 PM can provide a better calendar view for assignments due.

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