Canvas “Message Students Who” in New Analytics

If you don’t have New Analytics enabled in your course, make sure you do that! From New Analytics there are several actions you can take and the newest one is brought to you by Bree Chang at Maywood. You have the ability to “message students who” from New Analytics that encompasses a broader search than one assignment. This is great for the mid-term grading period to message all students from your course who have a grade within a certain range, are missing assignments, or have late work.

First, you will need to enable New Analytics. To do this, open your course, go to settings, open the Navigation tab, and then enable New Analytics, SAVE. It will then appear in your course navigation, but is only visible to you!

Now that it is enabled, you can open it from course navigation. You have the overall course grade, weekly online activity, students, and reports tabs. You can message students who from the first three tabs by finding the envelope mail icon.

Once you choose this, you can now decide who to message using a few options including a score range, ANY missing assignment, and ANY late assignments. You can also easily edit the list of students who receive the message by clicking the list of students and removing students as needed.

Now you can use both “Message Students Who” options, directly from the gradebook or from New Analytics. Check out a past post on New Analytics for more on the reports and data you can access.

Canvas New Analytics, Data at your Fingertips

As always, for more support using Canvas or other tech tools in your classroom, please contact your Ed Tech lead or Ed Tech TOSA.

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