Easily Share and Store Teams Meeting Videos

Like a lot of things this pandemic, the sharing and storing of Teams Meetings videos has changed, changed again and, has now changed, yet again.

This time, the change is for the better and brings us back to where things were right before the pandemic, which is to say, that videos are now stored inside your team and you can quickly share the link with students/parents.

Read on to find out how.

Where Are Videos Stored Now?

Video meeting recordings are now stored right in Teams as a video file in a folder created inside the channel files. What this means is that video files are stored where they recorded.

You will still see a thumbnail with some options in the conversation for the meeting where it was recorded. The video can be viewed from here.

You still can’t delete the thumbnail, but if you click into the files tab and then go into the Recording folder, there is an option to delete the video. This makes the thumbnail a dead link and the video won’t be accessible.

As you can see below, the file is just named ‘Meeting’ in the channel. You’ll want to go in and change the name to something easier to decode like the topic or subject. BE CAREFUL though. This will kill any existing links to the video so either change the name and then get the link or be sure to go back and change your links. You can also just mask your link (e.g.- type the name of the subject and then Ctrl + K to put the link behind the word.)

How Can I Share Them?

Sharing is easier than ever now.

From the thumbnail you can click the more dots to get a link to share. This will give you a link to that ‘People in issaquah.wednet.edu with the link can view’

You can also grab the share link from the files tab by navigating to the file directly and choosing the more dots.

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