Canvas Remaster Grade Passback

Grades are syncing, well most of the time. There is that one pesky grade or assignment that just does not seem to make its way into Skyward. You have checked that it has a due date, it is posted in Canvas, it synced to period 4, why not period 5!? Well, there is a new button available in Canvas that might solve your grade book headache.

Remaster Grade Passback

How do you find it? What does it do?

You can find “Remaster Grade Passback” in your Grade Sync (remember to add this to your course navigation). Here are some how’s and what’s to remember when using this VIP button.

First, do make sure you have “Grade Sync” visible in course navigation. It is one of those special ones that does not appear to students when enabled. You can add this under Settings and then Navigation. Remember to save!

Once added, review your grade book and determine if there are any assignments you currently have set to sync, but are not ready to have pushed to Skyward. You will want to edit those (easily from Assignments) to not sync (green vs. black with the sync symbol).

Now that you are ready to fix the sync issue, click “Grade Sync.” This is where you will find your most recent sync status and reports (History). But it also has its own “Settings.” Click this to find the All Powerful Remaster Grade Passbook button.

Now that you have clicked this heavy duty grade sync button, give Skyward a few minutes to catch up – stretch, get coffee, answer an email. Then refresh Skyward gradebook and see if the wonder of Remaster Grade Passback has done its job.

If yes, YAY! If no, Boo! Now you have to email your Ed Tech TOSA for more support, but hey, you gave it the good ol’ Remaster-try. We are happy to help you check next steps in grading sync errors. Hopefully, this solves most syncing errors. If you have further questions about Canvas or syncing, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA. Or read more about it in this Canvas Community Guide.

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