Canvas Course Content & New Trimester/Semester

Now that you are wrapping up the first trimester (or semester) you might be looking at how to transfer the content to your next course. Or perhaps you are wanting to create a sandbox course to preserve the content or share it with another teacher. Here are the directions on how to get your content to another course (in whole or in part). (*Note* this is for trimester or semester classes, yearlong courses might consider the Sandbox option).

If you are creating a Sandbox course, you will need to go to your dashboard and choose “Start a New Course.” If it is a Skyward created course, you can open that course from your dashboard or find it under “Courses.” Once the course you need to transfer the content to is open, you will choose “Import Existing Content” from the right menu (it can also be found in Settings).

From here, you will choose to “copy a Canvas course” from the dropdown menu. Search for the original title of the course (where you have now built out your content). Once you choose the course, you can choose to include all content or specific content. If you want the entire course of content, choose “all content.” When choosing specific content, it will prompt you to select what you want to transfer. Consider this option if you are looking to clean up a bit!

You can also decide if you want to adjust due dates (shift them or remove them). In the example below, we have chosen to shift dates from Trimester 1 to Trimester 2. This is not exact, but will find due dates and adjust them based on the new timeline.

Once the content is imported into your new Trimester or Semester based class, you can review the modules (unpublish and move as needed), adjust assignment due dates, delete unneeded assignments, unsync/sync assignments until ready, fix links, etc. Consider this next teaching period a time to fine-tune what you built in the first Trimester/Semester without starting from scratch.

If you are working with others and are looking at ways of sharing content, a Sandbox course is ideal as you will all have access to the course, can add and adjust in the Sandbox and then transfer to your courses as needed.

For some Canvas support check out these guides:

Publish and Unpublish Assignments

Publish and Unpublish Modules

Bulk Edit Assignment Due Dates

Copy Course Content to Another Course

Adjusting Dates in Course Import

Move or Reorder Modules

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