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Disco Library

There are almost 10,000 “Topics” in Flipgrid’s Disco Library – plenty to explore and consider. Within Flipgrid, a “Grid” is your class or content area, and the “Topic” is the project or assignment. The Disco Library has two main sections:

Weekly Hits: these are quick templates that you can add to any of your “Grids” and then further customize. Right now, a lot of “Weekly Hits” are focused on getting-to-know you activities, and practice with the format of Flipgrid! It’s as easy as adding the topic to your own grid, customizing as desired, and then sharing the topic with your students (via a class or QR code).

Featured Disco Playlists: groups of topics – some are from the same creator ( or MSN Kids), while others are collaborative playlists around a similar content area. Playlists can also be searched strategically for subject, audience, and/or goals. Within the playlist, any and all grids can be added and customized to your liking.

Examples of topics that are currently highlighted are STEM, Skype in the Classroom, or the broad categories of Favorites and Weekly Selects (see below for a current snapshot). If you create a stellar topic, you can also add that to the Disco Library for others to explore! Learn more from Flipgrid’s blog here.

Weekly Selects

Remember to be mindful of Flipgrid’s Terms of Use, in particular as it relates to students under 13 years of age.

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