Flipgrid’s Appsmash Madness

You know by now that Flipgrid is a tool to help students share their voices, experiences, and learning. By “app smashing,” you can help students create engaging, creative, and interesting projects.

Each of the highlighted grids shows a brief tutorial for how Flipgrid can be layered on top of other apps to produce engaging digital projects for students. One video tutorial demonstrates how you can create virtual yearbooks of memories using ThingLink and Flipgrid! In the tutorial, a teacher demonstrates how to add pop-ups to a ThingLink so that videos are embedded, as your audience selects images.

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Flocabulary & Flipgrid Appsmash

Another highlight is a mashup of Flocabulary and Flipgrid! Flocabulary uses hip hop music to help students learn and use academic vocabulary through video, text, and games. After creating an academic rhyme using vocabulary, students then take to Flipgrid to perform. The teacher highlighted walks through a demonstration of how these can be integrated to help with language development.

Watch the tutorial here!

PebbleGo, Buncee, & Flipgrid Appsmash

In another video, students used Buncee and PebbleGo to research Penguins! Once students created their presentations, they used Flipgrid to tell stories to match their visual presentations. Through Flipgrid, students could give one another feedback on their findings. They could even take this outside the classroom walls to share information and respond to one another.

Watch the tutorial here!

Besides getting awesome ideas for how to integrate Flipgrid into your own teaching, you can also vote on these 8 Flipgrids to determine which will win the Appsmash Madness.

AppSmash Madness

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