Hack STEM with Digital Reflections

Did you know that next year will be the 20th anniversary of humans living on the International Space Station?

Flipgrid, Microsoft Education and NASA’s STEM on Station team are teaming up to create awesome content for students as part of their Hacking STEM series (by the way, there are other topics available too)!

NASA STEM on Station

For secondary students, there is a whole bank of lessons already created to help students explore and unpack what it would be like to live in space, which you can find on the Hacking STEM website.

NASA lessons

Flipgrid and Hacking STEM

Of note is a Flipgrid Disco Library Playlist called “Hacking STEM” with Flipgrid topics related to the Microsoft/Nasa Collaboration; many of the Flipgrid topics created by the Microsoft Hacking STEM Team themselves! Take some ideas from Microsoft’s Hacking STEM series, and then use Flipgrid to help students respond with their own reflections and questions.

One called “What do NASA astronauts do all day?” asks students to explore NASA’s STEM on Station, and then respond to questions via Flipgrid, reflecting on what it would be like to live in space.

Haciing STEM Qs

Want more Flipgrid inspiration, lesson ideas, and engaging ways for students to learn and reflect digitally?

Tool Bits Click Here - Flipgrid

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