Gathering Notes in Actively Learn

Your student has been diligently writing notes in their Actively Learn text and now it is time for them to write their analysis. Students can easily access all their notes with the Notes Summary option located under the Notebook icon. Here students can select “View notes” to see all class notes or they can select to only see their own notes and replies.

Actively Learn notes options

The Notebook option offers students the chance to review their own work.

Actively Learn increases student reading through scaffolding the content in smaller chunks, having students answer questions and take notes along the way. Allowing them to then take these notes and pull them out of the text is a great way for having students move into synthesizing a text. What conclusions can they draw from their notes? How can they reflect on their own thinking? How did their classmates respond and what can they learn from this?

In addition to seeing notes, students can view the questions summary. This is another way of allowing students to access their own thinking quickly. Either of these is a great way of having students reflect, analyze and take their next steps writing their conclusions.

Actively Learn more tools


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