Teams Adds a Gradebook View


You may have noticed an extra tab the last time you logged into Teams.

If you’re like me you immediately clicked it and discovered that the tab gives you a gradebook style view of all the assignments and student grades on those assignments.

It’s pretty sweet, and if you are less impulsive than me, you should go check it out.

BTW this is still in beta, so if you encounter problems or it isn’t working for you, please let me know and I will follow-up with the engineers at Microsoft.

The Grades Tab Explained

Students and teachers will now see a ‘Grades’ tab as the 5th tab in all class teams.

All of the assignments are displayed in due date order horizontally, while all your students are displayed down each row.
Return, open student work, and input grades
Each cell has a lot of capability, you can click in and change a score, or click the … menu and you can open the full grading view right from the gradebook.

You’ll see that some cells are shaded, these are scores that have not yet been returned to students. Click on the … menu and select ‘Return’.

There is a search box at the top left where you can filter down your gradebook to an individual.

Individual Student Progress

Clicking on any student’s name in the Grades tab will take you to the Individual student progress report! Here you’ll find just one student’s work over time. Click on the status and you will be taken to the student’s work in the grading viewer.


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