Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Unleash Creativity and Capture Student Learning

Adobe Creative Cloud Express (previously known as Adobe Spark) is an online and mobile app that allows users to create videos, graphics, and web pages with ease. Issaquah students and staff have FREE Education accounts for Adobe Creative Cloud Express which were set-up for us by our IT department. To access your teacher or student account, choose the school account option and log in with your ISD email. After you enter your email, or pretend email if you are a student, you will be prompted to log in to Office 365 if you are not already signed in.

My Post.png

Once you have gotten to Adobe you will have an option to create your own graphic, web page, or video. Each of the creative options can begin with a template or from scratch.

Here is a Twenty Second Tech Tip video I created with Adobe Video to show how to make Chrome the default web browser.

Listicle for Using Adobe Creative Cloud Express in the classroom created in collaboration with Tricia Cecil, Secondary GLAD Specialist.

  1. Multimedia Lab Report
  2. Explainer Video 
  3. Book Reports
  4. Infographics for World Languages
  5. Posters for Making 10
  6. Reflection on Assessment
  7. Create a Timeline for a Life Cycle
  8. Historical Comic Strip
  9. Improve Speaking Skills
  10. Make a Public Service Announcement

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