Actively Learn Professional Learning

When using Actively Learn, our first thought is our students learning, but did you know that Actively Learn has Professional Learning opportunities as well?

Under “Professional Learning,” you can select several different topics that can help increase your Actively Learn teaching skills such as Activate Thinking, Support Thinking, and Reveal Thinking. Within each of these categories are practice modules. Each practice includes three parts: Learn, Try, and Implement. As of now, 9 of the 12 practice units allow for a demonstrate module and a micro-credential opportunity. 

The micro-credential is comprised of 4 parts and requires review and scoring to pass. The first three parts of each practice module are about 25 minutes of work, the demonstrate portion requires some writing, reflection, and work examples or artifacts. If you are looking for professional development around a product you are already using, this is a great opportunity to learn more about teaching with Actively Learn

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