You Can Now Add Files From Any of Your Teams In Teams Assignments

Making, distributing and collecting assignments in Teams is easy-peasy.

However, it hasn’t been super easy to pull files you’ve created in a different team and pull them into an assignment.

Prior to a new feature rolled out today, you had to go and create a copy of the file and move it to the team you wanted to use it in. Sure there were some work-arounds but now that process is baked right into the assignment creation process.

Yes, that’s right now you can choose to grab a file from another team right through the assignment creator.

Let’s go!

How To Insert Files From Other Teams in Assignments

Open teams and click into the Assignments tab.

Enter title and instructions.

Then, click into the Add Resources.


This will open the same old resource picker window that you are used to, except now you will see a button for Teams on the left (under MakeCode.) Click on this and it will bring up a list of all your teams.

Add files from any team to assignments

Next you will see one or two folders (depends on whether it is a class team or just a regular team.)

Click into the folder called Documents and you will see each of the folders you have created in that team.

Now simply choose which folder has the file you need and then choose the file once it shows up.

This will make a copy of the file for each student.

Pro Tip: This will allow you to create a ‘master,’ non-class Team, in which you place all your files. Then just grab them when you are ready to assign.


Tool Bits Click Here - Teams


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