Making Learning Concrete: Add a Rubric to Flipgrid!

Are students sharing their writing via Flipgrid? Are they orally reporting on something that they have researched? Would you like students to give peer feedback, leaning on language from a rubric?

Consider adding a rubric to a Flipgrid topic!

There are numerous reasons why you might consider adding a rubric as a resource to Flipgrid. Luckily, it’s easy to add this support for your students. As the teacher, you could begin by recording an exemplar project, targeting specific components of a rubric in order to highlight this for students in a concrete way.

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How do you add a rubric to your Flipgrid topic?

Within each “Topic” (assignment), you can upload a resource using a valid URL link.

One way to generate a URL link is to upload the rubric (if it is in a word document or PDF) into your OneDrive (find a tutorial on how to do this here), and then produce a share link.

First, select the Flipgrid you’ll be working with, and then choose the topic where you would like to add a rubric. The pencil is the “edit” section.

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Once in “edit” section of a Flipgrid topic, there is an option to attach a document using a URL, and then to name the document. This is a powerful place to upload a rubric, so that students know exactly what is expected of them as they share their work via Flipgrid. When students first navigate to the Flipgrid Topic, they will see the rubric front and center.

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Happy sharing!

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