Use One Sharepoint Library in Multiple Teams

Bring Sharepoint Library Into Teams

So do you have a library of documents and files that you use regularly in your classes?


Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You’re a teacher…of course you have a library of documents and files that you use regularly in your classes.

And of course you would like to easily bring that library into Teams.

Well follow the directions below to learn how.

Quick warning, this trick does involve using Sharepoint and this works best for files that are read only.

The Process

This is a two part process.

Create new Team and Upload Your Files

Think of this as your file cabinet with all of your original copies (think I just dated myself but oh well.) This will be your master Team…no students, but you might invite other teachers.

Next, create a channel for each folder in your library (e.g. Unit 1, Unit 2, etc.)*

Go into each channel, click on the File tab and drag the folder of your files into the File tab (this will upload the files.)

This has now created a Sharepoint Library (that you are looking at through Teams.)

Link a Sharepoint Library to Your Class Teams

This step is pretty straight forward.

Visit the class team you want to add your newly created Sharepoint Library to and then click into the General Channel (you can choose whatever channel you want.)

Click the plus sign at the top and this will open the Add a Tab window.

Add a tab

Choose Document Library.

This will bring up a list of the Sharepoint groups/sites you are a member of. Your new Team should show up at the top.

Select it and follow the rest of the prompts to create a tab that will show the library to all members of your team.

Document Library in Sharepoint



Tool Bits Click Here - Teams


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