Flipgrid: A Tool to Inspire

Flipgrid is one of the most creative tools currently on the market with a mission to engage, innovate, and amplify student voice. As such, they have an entire link dedicated to “inspiration,” out-of-the-box prompts that will spark conversation, with Flipgrid as the platform to accomplish this. When you’re logged into Flipgrid, it’s as easy as clicking the “Inspire” link on the very bottom of your screen.

Inspire link

You can skip through to discover more prompts, or copy the topic to your own grid (and adapt as you would like!).

Just a reminder that you create a “grid” (aka class), and then you can have unlimited “topics” or lessons/discussions/activities within that class. I clicked on the “Inspire” link and here were some of my favorite prompts:

  • Discuss a learning experience that could change the world.
  • Discuss a question that makes you happy.
  • Discuss a class that you believe in.
  • Discuss a field trip that makes you see the world differently.
  • Discuss a book that you will never forget.
  • Discuss an idea that makes you want to sing.

What a way to build community, with students or even colleagues! While considering engaging, high-level questions (you can add in your own scaffolds as desired), students also practice digital citizenship practices and public speaking techniques. If working with your colleagues and/or facilitating professional development, consider beginning with a Flipgrid prompt to spark engaging discussion and connection.

Untitled picture

From there, students respond to the prompt with their own video (adding emojis and stickers, of course). Each student can respond to a classmate’s video, adding on or sparking a further discussion topic.

New to Flipgrid? Start here for tips on getting started!

Looking for more creative ideas? Check out #FlipgridFever!

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