More tips and tricks with Outlook

Ready for some more tips for Outlook? Previously we posted about an introduction to Outlook Calendar, but here are some more advanced options for Outlook Calendar. 

Scheduling Assistant will help avoid asking when everyone might be available for an appointment. First, create a new appointment:

Then choose Scheduling Assistant and add your colleagues. You will now be able to quickly see who is available and who is scheduled. 

If your meeting will be reoccurring, you can also set that when you initially create the meeting to avoid multiple calendar invites.

To create the series

  • New Appointment
  • Click “Recurrence”
  • Select your meeting parameters (weekly, each Monday, @ 1:00 for 90 minutes)
  • Save the series
  • Delete or adjust dates that do not fit the pattern
  • Save and Close

Inviting People

  • Double click one of the dates to Edit
  • Select “Edit Series”
  • Click “Invite Attendees”
  • Add Attendees and Send

Viewing and Sharing Calendars

Another great option for busy co-workers is the ability to share your calendars with one another. 

First, ask your team to share their calendar. They will need to select “Share Calendar” and can then send the invite with one of the following options:

  • Availability only
  • Limited details
  • Full details

To view another calendar, select the calendar you wish to view from the list of Shared Calendars (right click to add the overlay option).

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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