Outlook Calendar: An Introduction

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Outlook Calendar offers a variety of ways to support organization and planning. It can be used for your personal (school) use, or you could use it as a communication tool with your colleagues. The Calendar can be accessed directly from your Outlook whether using the desktop version or online version. Some of the features that the calendar offers include setting appointments. Need others to attend? Then you can create a “New Meeting” and invite others. If there is a change in time, you can edit meeting times and Outlook will send the change immediately to your attendees.

Another feature to help organize your calendar is the option to use the categories to color code your calendar, which helps to identify different topics on your schedule. Under the “Appointments” section of Calendar Tools there is a drop down menu for “Categorize;” use these colors and rename them to fit your needs. Then when you create a new appointment, you can identify it using the correct category.

Do reminders help or hinder your workflow? When creating a new appointment you can change the Reminder from none to days or weeks in advance. In addition to setting Reminders, you can also determine how the item appears on your calendar (Busy, Tentative, Free, etc.). This is especially helpful if you share your calendar with your team.

For more information on how to use your Outlook calendar, ask your Tech TOSA or visit the Office Support site “Introduction to the Outlook Calendar.”


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