Flipgrid and your Office 365 Classroom

Perhaps you have taken the dive into your Office 365 with Class Notebook, One Note, and maybe have even started to explore Teams. You are sharing docs, your students are collaborating and writing in their Notebook, but are you ready to have them share their ideas vocally. Or maybe you are looking to add a new technology tool in your class to engage students in sharing their ideas or responding to a prompt. Voice and choice is an integral part of student learning and Flipgrid, which is owned by Microsoft, would be a great addition to your digital learning classroom.

Flipgrid allows students to present their ideas through voice and video. Some ways that Flipgrid engages students is their ability to personalize their selfie photo, encourages a positive interaction using technology, provides an alternative feedback method for student-to-student or teacher-to-student, and expands on student creativity in sharing their ideas or products. Flipgrid recently updated their platform so that students can find all of their Flipgrid responses on the MyFlipgrid page. Another easy-to-use factor is the ability to sign on using the student’s Microsoft account.

picture of flipgrid sample

Sample Flipgrid from our Beaver Lake Middle School Digital Learning Workshop.

On the teacher side, Flipgrid allows you to create Grids (think classes, content area, or learning community) and within those Grids, you can then create topics. Teacher options include adding a co-pilot to your grid, finding already created topics in the “Disco Library,” allowing “guest mode” for parent visitors, adjusting response time for student content, adding resources, and more. Consider Flipgrid Friday for weekly review or topic of the week. If you are already a Flipgrid fan, there were some recent updates including the easy integration into Teams as a tab add-in.

No matter if you are just starting or an old fan, Flipgrid is a great resource for having students create, share and interact. For more on getting started with Flipgrid check out the Kyte course or ask your EdTech TOSA for more information.

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