Exploring Classkick’s Assignment Library

In addition to providing interesting templates for teachers to use in designing many different assignments/tasks, Classkick has an Assignment Library where other teachers have uploaded sample assignments (if you’re familiar with Seesaw, it functions similarly to the “activity library”). This is an amazing resource if you are looking for templates, assignments that already match your content, or just want examples of what Classkick can offer you and your students.

The assignment library is organized by content area. For each assignment, you can “copy” it to your own Classkick account for use with your students. For example, you can use the templates provided to tailor the assignment to a different grade level.


  • Peep Sight Words – primary students use the drawing tool to practice sight words.
  • Stories of the Underground Railroad – intermediate students read and respond to informational texts within the Classkick slides. As they respond, they are able to annotate the text simultaneously.
  • Understanding Antibiotic Resistance – secondary students explore video and text to learn how antibiotics revolutionized the medical field, then making statements of probability to predict antibiotic resistance, using graphs and tables to arrive at their answer.

There is a fun Valentine’s Day themed Classkick math assignment that focuses on place value that might be of interest to many of you in the upcoming month! Students read the double-digit number, use manipulatives to create the number, and then use the text and drawing tool to answer via Classkick. This assignment would fit seamlessly as a math workshop station (and you wouldn’t need 1:1 devices!). It’s also easy to share Classkick assignments (that you create, or that you locate through the assignment library) with colleagues by generating an easy link.


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