Ed Tech Library: BreakoutEDU

Breakout EDU takes the idea of an escape room into the classroom! Students solve clues to unlock physical locks from a case to “breakout.” Our Ed Tech Library has four games this year to choose from. The Breakout EDU kits available in February and March from our Ed Tech Library feature a growth mindset game called Brain Power (Growth Mindset).

The topics include:
Your Brain CAN Grow
Mistakes are a Great Way to Learn
Embrace Challenges

Content Area: Science, Growth Mindset, Team Building
Ideal Group Size: Small Group / Suggested Time: 45 minutes
Recommended Ages: Elementary/Middle School

The scenario:

“You are a scientist that will make presentation to the WMA (World Medical Association) on the power of the human brain. You intend to prove that the brain can grow and get stronger through having a growth mindset. You are set for the meeting, except your final proof is locked inside a box for safe keeping. Your assistant has left with the combinations, so it is up to you to solve the puzzles to reach the final proof in time. Use all your knowledge about having a growth mindset to solve the clues!”

Watch this video to learn more about what Breakout looks like in a classroom.

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