Common Sense Education: A Curation of Digital Resources

Do you want to integrate more technology into your teaching, but aren’t sure where to find new resources? Common Sense, an incredible resource for teaching digital citizenship, also supports teachers in finding quality digital resources to support curriculum across content areas.

In a “top picks” section, Common Sense outlines curated lists of instructional tech tools. The library is easily searchable by content area, grade level, and desired skills. Looking for an app, website, or resource but are stuck for ideas? Use the filters to find something appropriate to your grade level, content area, and/or platform.

Each list links to the recommended website or app, and then provides a full review, both by Common Sense itself, as well as teacher members. Teachers rate the resource and then provide commentary on how it was used and their own response to using it during instruction.

Each review has:

  • An overview of the app/subscription
  • Target audience and grade level
  • Ideas for integration
  • Applicable standards alignment
  • A 1-5 star rating
  • Teacher testimonials and reviews
  • Sample images

A great feature of these lists are that once filtered by content, grade level, etc., they can be downloaded as a pdf, which is helpful if you don’t have time to explore each app right away but want to come back to the list later.

As a supplement to these vetted lists, check out the lesson plans that teachers have uploaded to the “EdTech Reviews & Resources” tab. Each lesson plan links to the digital resource needed to teach the lesson. Finally, click here for their overall “Best EdTech of 2018” list!

Sample Review:

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