Getting Families Connected to Seesaw


Nothing gets families engaged more with the classroom like seeing and hearing what their child is doing at school. Seesaw makes it easy to help teachers keep families in the loop and engaged in their child’s classroom through personalized, easy to use, safe, and visual updates through the Seesaw Family App.

Connecting families takes a few easy steps and a teacher can be up and running with it in minutes.

Step 1: Turn on Family Access

  • From a desktop or laptop computer, go to Seesaw on the web,  and log in.
  • Click on the “Family” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Turn on Family Access.

Step 2: Invite Parents

  • Print off Paper Invites. The paper invites have a unique QR code that families can scan from the Seesaw Family app.


  • View a Sample Email that  can be customized.   The Sample Email has a link for parents to click.  They follow the directions to set up notification preferences.  Teachers can copy and past the message into Microsoft Outlook or other email app, customize it and send it to parents.

Seesaw Families 2

Step 3: Check Who Is Connected

  • Check to see if parents have connected to the Seesaw class or not by going into the class settings and choosing “Manage Families.”  The window shows who has connected and who has not.
  • Follow up with families by printing the paper invite again or sending out another email with the Family Connect link.

Find out more about connecting families to Seesaw by checking out these links:

5 tips for connecting families – YouTube Video

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