Move Student Pages To Another Class Notebook

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Class Notebook is great for creating portfolios of student work.

However, it’s not super great at having that work follow the student. Read below for a step by step for how to move a student’s work if they switch periods and you want to move them to a different class notebook.*

*These directions require you to be working in OneNote 2013 or 2016.

Move the student’s private work from the previous notebook to the new notebook

  1. Open OneNote and then open both Class Notebooks. For example: Algebra P1 and Algebra P2.
  2. Right click on each section of the student’s private notebook that you need to move to your other class. For example: Homework, Quizzes, or Handouts.
  3. Select Move or copy and then select the student’s name in the destination notebook. Select Move. Repeat this step for all the work you need to move.

Removing a student from a Class Notebook doesn’t delete their private notebook from your class, even after you’ve moved work. To delete their work from their old class, right-click on the student’s name and select Delete.

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