Digital Citizenship Week – Elementary Edition

October 15-19 is Digital Citizenship Week

Wondering how to get started? Try one of these activities from Common Sense Media with your students. 

Grades K-2
Share the Pause & Think Online video with younger
elementary school students to spark a discussion about
how their digital world is connected to their real world.
Once your students watch the video, use the questions in
this discussion guide to help them think through the main
ideas. Then print out the Pause & Think Online posters
and hang them in your classroom as a reminder to be safe
and kind when using the internet — just like they’d be on
the playground.

Grades 3-5
Show the video Eva’s Story – When Messages Spread to
older elementary school students to start a discussion
about the nature of online communication. After they
watch the video, have them work through the questions
in this discussion guide to deepen their thinking about
the main points of the video. Then introduce core lessons
of digital citizenship by printing out the All Digital
Citizens poster and hanging it up in your classroom.

common sense

If you haven’t already created an account for the Common Sense Education site, now is a great time to join! In addition to newly designed lessons in grades 3-5, they have revised their Digital Passport interactive games for students to play.

Issaquah students may now access the Digital Passport interactive games from their Clever accounts. Use this educator guide to get great discussion questions and activities that that align with the online activities.


Check out the Breakout Edu game on Digital Citizenship available from the Ed Tech Library.



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