Digital Citizenship : Media Literacy

Why are so many students vulnerable to media manipulation and “fake” news? What support do students need to learn how to locate and verify reliable sources?

The Teaching Tolerance website has media literacy lessons for grades K-8. Grades K-2 need to know that it is important to locating and verifying reliable sources when working with online information, the lesson for this grade band is aimed at young kids and is not dependent on reading. Students in grade 3-5 will go beyond and begin to compare and contrast different sources on the same topic and make judgments on which source is more reliable. In grades 6-8, students dig into bias based on word choice and the tone of the writer and create their own charged news story.

Grades K-2: Choosing Reliable Sources

Grades 3-5: Evaluating Reliable Sources

Grades 6-8: Analyzing How Words Communicate Bias

bias“Bias” by Nick Youngson is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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