Canvas Enhanced Gradebook Filters

Beginning August 19, Canvas is enforcing the Enhanced Gradebook Filters. This was previously a Feature Option that a teacher could choose to enable in their course. There are several benefits to using the enhanced filters, but they will have a slightly different workflow than the classic gradebook filters. There are several highlights in this article and a video tour with additional resources available in Canvas 101 for Teachers.

Initial Gradebook View

When the Enhanced Filters are enabled (bottom image), the initial view of the gradebook changes with the filter options being below the Gradebook and Student search. The additional functions move to the Settings or near the settings cog.

Using the Filters

Previously, you would use View and then select filters to toggle on or off.

The Enhanced Filters provide more filter options such as filtering by status and submissions. In addition, it has more ability to customize your filters through the “Create & Manage Filter Presets.”

Take time to get to know the new filter options and create a filter preset or two. For example, you might select a specific assignment group and the submission status of “missing.” Save this then when selected, these filters will quickly be selected.

Do be cautious as the filters are “sticky” and will remain in place until you remove them or replace them. If you navigate away from your Grade screen and back and it looks a little “off” check your filters.

Gradebook Settings

Some of the original view options will now be available under the gradebook settings. Note the new tab of “View Options.” Here you can find options for sorting your gradebook, and show options with a couple of updates. One we recommend is “Hide Assignment Group Totals.” This will remove the assignment group grade totals and help clean up the look of your gradebook.

Gradebook Tips & Resources

Tip 1 – Remember to use the student search and assignment search to quickly find what you are looking for. This can help narrow your view to your exact needs.

Tip 2 – If you open your Grade view and things seem a little off, check to see what filters are enabled. You can quickly remove all filters with “Clear All Filters” which will appear beneath the Assignment Search.

Tip 3 – Create a couple of filter presets, these can always be edited or deleted later. Getting to know the newer filter options might be helpful in deciding what to include.

Resources are available on Canvas 101 for Teachers and include links to Canvas Guides and a video walkthru.

Resources- Your Ed Tech Lead and Ed Tech TOSA are here to help you!

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