Seesaw’s Elementary Summer Resources

The end of the school year will be here before we know it, and you may be getting questions about student access to online resources over the summer. Clever and all connected apps will be available to students until August 3rd, when rostering begins for the next year.  

Seesaw has put together a great amount of summer activities to help keep students engaged in learning. If you are receiving questions about summer support for students, then this post is for you! 

Read on to see some of the incredible resources that Seesaw is offering students, teachers, and families to continue engagement over the summer. If you choose to use any of these resources, no need to assign while you are also enjoying your summer break – you may simply select a few to schedule out ahead of time throughout June and July before you leave at the end of the year.  


Summer Learning

Seesaw has created 8 different activities (intended to span a week each, as there are multiple components) around summer themes. For example, “I Am Curious” is one activity. It begins with an introductory video and then a reading component, a write/draw activity, STEAM problem to solve, and family connection component within each lesson. As with any Seesaw activity, everything is customizable. Below are the 8 themes that these activities touch on.  

  • I Am Curious 
  • I Am Adventurous 
  • I Am Creative 
  • I Am Persistent 
  • I Am Kind 
  • I Am Strong 
  • I Am Proud 
  • I Am Ready 

These activities are further complemented with a Digital Book List, where titles can also be assigned to students to read independently.  

We Love to Read!

Targeted for students in grades 3-5, each of these reading challenges is one page and designed to be completed in 5-10 minutes. Each challenge has a different reading response prompt, utilizing the different creative tools that Seesaw offers. Examples of prompts are: “My Favorite Reading Spot,” “Draw a Character,” “How Will it End?” and more! If students like something tangible to go along with their reading challenge, you can send them home with a bookmark to color as they watch their minutes stack up! 

In-School Summer Learning with Seesaw

Seesaw has created a scope and sequence designed for in-person learning during the summer, but it doesn’t need to only be used for in-person learning! The suggested activities are also valuable for students to do independently at home. The SEL activities may be of particular interest. This scope and sequence document links directly to the activities, so you can pick and choose which you would like students to engage with.  

May Seesaw Special Days Calendar

Looking for something to use intermittently with your students at the end of the year? Check out this calendar of engaging, interactive activities! Each day links to a suggested Seesaw activity, but you could of course assign any of these to your students at any time.  

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