Actively Learn Transition to Free Version

As ISD transitions from the Prime version of Actively Learn to the Free version, we’d like to offer support and tips on how to be prepared and to make sure that you have access to the content you need from the district library or shared content.

We have created a general guide, which is included here, as well as a video to help support you in accessing the content you need.

Securing Content from the District Library

Prior to September 1, 2023, when we transition to Actively Learn as a free-only platform, you will want to access any content curriculum from the District Library and create your own instructional version in one of your courses. 

Tips & Recommendations 

  • Create a folder in your Actively Learn course Tip: Create folders based on content, grade level, units, etc.
  • Access district library content one folder at a time, then organize it into your own folder before starting the next content folder.  
  • Customize the content to confirm that it is in your content library (assigning it should also work) 
  • Organize content into folders as needed 

Bookmarking vs. Customizing Content

Bookmarking content is like favoriting something and providing an “ease of access” to find the content, BUT IT DOES NOT put the content into your Workspace. In order to confirm the content is in your personal workspace, you will want to make sure you have customized the piece. Once you click on customize, you will then see that it is your version of the piece and is now available in your workspace rather than in Bookmarks.  

Personal Content

Content that you have in your content library should still be available but may be dependent on licensing materials of free vs. Premium content. For example, Prime includes access to the ELA curriculum (100+ licensed short stories and poems) and Free is limited to 3,300+ texts across subjects and genres. If you have content saved from the 100+ stories/poems, you might find that it is no longer accessible once we move to Free. 

Shared Content

With the Free version of Actively Learn, users are limited to 3 shared items. If you have shared content that exceeds 3 items, you will want to make sure that you have created your version of the content to preserve it for future use. This means that co-editing will no longer be active. 

Content Check

One way to confirm the content you have duplicated (either from the district content library or from shared content) is in your own workspace is to move it to a folder. If you can drag and drop it into a folder you have created, then the content is in your workspace.

Changes to Note

Locked Content

  • District Library​
  • Student Data​
  • Class Data​
  • Curriculum Units​
  • Specific Licensed Content
  • Co-teaching​
  • Small group settings​
  • Assign to individual students​
  • Gradebook weighting​
  • Exporting grades ​
  • Sync grades with Canvas

Changes for Students

Students will also have fewer features in the Free version. They will no longer have access to the Student Library (for independent reading) or to creating Research Projects. 

Support for Transition

Please review the video for guided support:

For more information, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA.

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