Seesaw PD Pathways

Did you know that Seesaw has many on-demand training opportunities? As one of our core tools, there are many opportunities to leverage Seesaw in your instruction.  

Live Events

Interested in attending a live webinar? There are a few coming up next month!  

Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways are great options if you are looking to do more in-depth learning. There are currently six different pathways, each with a target focus. Once completed (each pathway takes approximately an hour), you get a certificate of completion. If completed outside of the contractual day, these learning pathways are eligible for tech compensation. Click here and scroll down for more specific compensation information.  

Portfolio Playlist

Looking for bite-sized snapshots on how to use Seesaw as a digital portfolio? Look no further than this playlist!   

Seesaw on YouTube

If you’re looking for particular answers or tips, check out Seesaw on YouTube! Here’s an example video on how to differentiate activities for diverse learners.  

Whenever there is a Seesaw update, you can be sure that Seesaw will provide quick tutorials. Click here to view one of the newest updates, Seesaw Frames! If you want to provide more support for students to organize their thinking on a Seesaw canvas, this is for you.  

In addition, stay tuned for optional Seesaw Summer trainings! Seesaw Connect offers mini professional development sessions to suit a wide variety of needs.  

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