Canvas Submit on Behalf of Student

Starting March 18, 2023, teachers will be able to submit file upload assignments on behalf of a student. By accessing the assignment from the grade book and opening the sidebar Grade Detail Tray teachers will then see the option to submit the assignment.

Once the Grade Detail Tray is open, teachers will then see the option to “Submit for Student.” In order for this to be an available option, the assignment type will need to include Online Submission and File Upload.

Once the file is chosen, the assignment will then show who uploaded it on behalf of the student.

One tip for grabbing a file is to take a screenshot or snip of work when monitoring students. If the student won’t be able to finish, grab a snip of their work, save the file, and upload it for them! This also works well for emailed work.

If you have other tips for using Canvas, please send them our way! We would love to share them here.

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