DyKnow Basics – Adding and Removing Students

DyKnow allows users to add and remove students in current courses manually. DyKnow course rosters are updated nightly based on Skyward communication. However, the ability to manually add or remove a student may be helpful when a student is absent from class, or when you have a student in your classroom when it is not their normally scheduled class period.

To edit a class roster for the day, go to your classes tiles page. Then click on the edit hyperlink for the class you would like to edit.

Once in the class, and you can see the student list, click on add student to add a student, type the student’s name, wait for it to populate in the text book, and then click add. The student is now on the roster for the day. It will sync again that night and keep students that are currently in your rostered course.

To remove a student, click on edit, go to the class roster, and then locate the students name. There will be a red x to the right of the student’s name, click that x to remove. The course will then re-sync daily and the student will be added back to the class if they are still rostered in Skyward.

Interested in more DyKnow tips and tools, click on the image below.

Get more tool bits about DyKnow by clicking here

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