DyKnow Communication – Student Understanding

DyKnow Communication

DyKnow allows teachers to communicate with students while in an active monitoring session in 3 ways:

  • Student Understanding
  • Questions
  • Send a Message

All of these tools are available on the right side of the DyKnow monitoring screen. This post will review how to use the Student Understanding communication tool.

Student Understanding

In the Student Understanding section (the check image in a box), teachers can send a check for understanding to students at any point during the monitoring session.

Click on the box with the check, and then click “Request

Students will then see the following selection pop up on their screen:

Students then may select:

  • I get it
  • I’m not sure
  • I don’t get it, yet

Once students respond, click on the results to see student selections, including individual responses.

Interesting in more DyKnow Tool Bits? Click on the image below.

Get more tool bits about DyKnow by clicking here

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