DyKnow Basics – Monitoring

DyKnow is the new Classroom Screen Monitoring software that ISD has been launching in secondary schools this fall.  

The DyKnow tip this week is focused on just the basic first step of using DyKnow with classes – Logging in and Monitoring a class.  

Without any preparation or plan of what students will be able to access or not online in the program, you can simply begin monitoring a class. By doing this, DyKnow will then gather data on the websites and applications that the students are using during your session. This information can then help you be aware of common sites your students are accessing during the class session, and help you make decisions about instruction, and possible Allow or Block plans to be used in DyKnow in the future (more on these in future posts).    

To begin monitoring a class session:  

  1. Go to DyKnow.me and login using your ISD email address, by clicking on the “Sign in with DyKnow ID” at the bottom.  

2. If this is your first time, use the “Forgot Password” option.

  1. Once you are logged in, click on “Classes” and choose the class you would like to monitor.  
  1. Click on “Start Monitoring”. The session will then be live and running.  

5. Your students’ computer screens will then appear on your web browser as tiles. You can see the websites they are on and can click on any student to expand and view their laptop screen.  

6. At the end of the class period, click on “End Monitoring”, from the upper right hand corner of your web browser.  

To access the data gathered during a session

1. Click on Classes > select the specific class > then “View Class History” 

2. You can then filter by day, time, and see the most commonly used websites and applications in the list. Click on the blue “people” icon to the right, to see which students were accessing the site/application during the selected time.  

Interested in more? Check out the Kyte Training Overview of DyKnow to learn more about the awesome features or additional DyKnow tips below.

Get more tool bits about DyKnow by clicking here

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