Digital Citizenship Week

October 18th to October 22nd is Digital Citizenship Week and Common Sense Media is ready to share! With the use of technology and student’s experience on digital platforms, digital citizenship is more important than ever. Common Sense Media has provided digital citizenship curriculum for many year for teachers of all levels- Elementary, Middle or High School to help them bring digital citizenship lessons into their classrooms. To celebrate the week, they have condensed this curriculum into a week long lesson plan and collected all other resources in one place.

Elementary, middle and high school week long lesson plans and activities.

For more information and links to digital citizenship lessons or curriculum, CLICK HERE. For the week long lesson plans, click link and select your level under “Engage Students with Daily Activities”.

For ways to teach digital citizenship or procedures, check out our past posts: Set Up for Success: Elementary Edition OR Teach Digital Citizenship Creatively.

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